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Celebrating generations of family and food traditions.

Family to Table was born out of my curiosity about the past, and the food and traditions that over generations have brought people together around the dinner table.


Family to Table is my way of journaling about my family. Researching the people that farmed the land, cooked the food, and entertained the guests in the community that I call home - Champaign County.

I'm still learning about the entire story of my family lineage, but according to the records that my amazing mother Lorri has maintained, it spans eight generations right here in Champaign County. We're still working on charting out the generations but we know, at the least, that in 1856 my family planted their roots in Champaign. We'll share the full family tree once complete!  ​​

What interests me most about all of this are the stories about all of the people from generations past. They traveled, they entertained, they studied, they wrote books, they were artists and farmers and musicians, but most of all, they kept record of everything. How cool is that? 


Now, in 2018, I'm going to travel through the journals, photos, documents, and history of my family. My goal is to tell their stories, share their recipes, and along the way, add some of my own family flavors and traditions. 

With Family to Table, my goal is to celebrate generations of Midwestern family and food traditions.

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